A Romantic Ride with a Pletna to Bled Island

Feb 13, 2024



When me and my husband inheritated the villa in 2010, we dreamed to turn it into a peaceful haven for everyone seeking pleasant accommodation in Bled. During the renovation procedures we put extra care on maintaining the original character of the villa, while providing all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. Since we are both passionate about traditional art and craft, we carefully selected the items for the interior décor, using only typical antiques with a local flare. As savvy locals, who appreciate good food and good vibes, we gladly share our special hints and tips about the best places to visit in Bled.

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Join us on a romantic ride with the traditional boat called pletna across Lake Bled. Today, we will explore one of the most beautiful corners of Slovenia – Bled Island. And what better way to experience its idyll than with the wonderful pletna? We invite you to settle comfortably on the traditional wooden boat and let yourself be carried by the lake waves as you cross the calm waters toward our beautiful little island.


Romantic Ride with a Pletna to Bled Island


What is a pletna and how does it differ from other types of boats?


Pletna is a traditional Slovenian vessel that has been used for transport across Lake Bled for over 500 years. It is a small wooden boat propelled by a single rower and can accommodate up to 20 passengers. Pletnas are now a symbol of Lake Bled and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bled. The operation of pletna is handled by the pletnar, which is still a highly esteemed profession today, not open to just anyone, as stated on the official Bled website. During the reign of Maria Theresa, the rights to own a pletna were granted to farmers who were allocated poorer farmland. The title has since been passed down through generations, hence pletnarstvo remains within families for centuries. There are a total of 23 pletnas on Lake Bled, and pletnars await guests at the Spa Park, under the Park Hotel, at Mlino, and in Velika Zaka.

The pletna ride and island visit take approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. The journey in one direction takes 30 minutes, with 40 minutes allotted for exploring the island. Tickets can be purchased from the pletnar with cash.


What does the small island in the middle of the lake hide?


Upon arrival on the island, you will be enchanted by its hidden paths, ancient church, and magical nature. Take a stroll around the island, admire the beauty it offers, and try traditional Slovenian potica at the Potičnica on the Island.

The church and other buildings, such as the walls and the monumental staircase consisting of 99 steps, have retained their appearance from the 17th century. A special attraction is the “wishing bell” in the upper roof ridge above the church ship. To this day, many visitors visit the island and ring the wishing bell, hoping their secret wishes will come true.

The so-called “wishing bell” was cast in 1534 by Franziskus Patavinus in Padua, Italy, as recorded on the official Bled website. Legend has it that at that time, a young, inconsolable widow lived in Bled Castle. Bandits killed her husband and threw his body into the lake, so she gathered all her silver and gold and had a bell cast for the chapel on the island. However, the bell never reached its destination as a severe storm sank the ship along with the boatmen. It is said that even today, it can be heard echoing from the depths on clear nights. The desperate widow sold all her possessions after this tragedy and went to a convent in Rome. Upon her death, the pope consecrated a new bell and sent it to Bled Island. Those who ring this bell and convey their wish to the merciful “Lady of the Lake” have their wish granted.


After the ride, around the lake or for a cream cake


A pletna ride to Bled Island will surely be an unforgettable experience in your life. After the pletna ride and exploring the beauty of Bled Island, it’s time to return to the shore, where you can choose to explore the rest of Bled, take a walk around the lake, or indulge in a delicious cream cake.

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