Our Green Key and Slovenia Green Accommodation certificates

Jan 19, 2024



When me and my husband inheritated the villa in 2010, we dreamed to turn it into a peaceful haven for everyone seeking pleasant accommodation in Bled. During the renovation procedures we put extra care on maintaining the original character of the villa, while providing all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. Since we are both passionate about traditional art and craft, we carefully selected the items for the interior décor, using only typical antiques with a local flare. As savvy locals, who appreciate good food and good vibes, we gladly share our special hints and tips about the best places to visit in Bled.

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Commitment to sustainable tourism

In 2023, we obtained the Green Key and Slovenia Green environmental certificates for the first time for our accommodation. We strive for the most sustainable operation possible, and we want to express this through every corner our accommodations. Obtaining the green environmental certificate is a confirmation of our continuous efforts for careful handling of the environment and natural resources. In this spirit, we have introduced a number of measures.

Apartments Koman with Green Key sign

Saving water and energy

We ensure that every drop of water counts. With smart solutions for saving water not only we reduce our water footprint, but also encourage guests to use water responsibly. Our premises are
equipped with energy-efficient equipment, which allows us to reduce energy consumption. Mine we build on this effort by raising awareness among guests about the importance of sustainable behavior in everyday life life.


Plastic minimization and waste recycling

Plastic is a global challenge that we are aware of. That is why we have introduced measures to minimize use plastic in our apartments. We offer our guests alternative, environmentally friendly materials. Besides, we are established a system of careful separation of waste, which enables recycling and reuse. With that we reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and contribute to the preservation of the environment.
Environmentally friendly products for everyday use
We take extra care of our environment by using nature-friendly cleaning products, paper, towels and toilet paper. We understand that every detail is important, so we strive to make every aspect of our hospitality reflected respect for nature. In Apartments Koman, we want to emphasize that sustainable
the choice is not only part of our business philosophy, but a decision that manifests itself in everyday details and enables our guests to enjoy their vacation carefree and without a bad conscience.


Green welcome

Enter our oasis of hospitality, where a special green sustainable welcome awaits you. Upon arrival at the village will be greeted by delicious walnut delicacies – potica and brandy. This unique welcome is the fruit of work and local traditions, and we use walnut fruits that grow right in our garden.


A sustainably landscaped garden

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop inside the guesthouse. We carefully arrange the garden and everything around it.

Our garden hosts ancient, indigenous varieties of trees and flowers that they not only enrich the environment but also preserve biodiversity. We do not use it when maintaining the garden aggressive fertilizers and sprays, which ensures a natural balance and supports the ecosystem.

We proudly invite guests to immerse themselves in our green paradise, where every flower, every tree is part of our
sustainable mission. “Apartments Koman” are not only a place to rest, but it is our piece of Bled, where we build a sustainable community together and connect with nature.

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