The Most Instagrammable Spot In Bled

by Dec 7, 2021

The giant heart stautue or monumenet has become favorite spot for taking photos in Bled. It was erected in 2015 and has since attracted many influencers and visitors to take photos behind the red heart. It stands on a little pier at Bled promanade walk by the lake, just a few meters further from Hotel Park Caffe.

It offers beautiful views over the lake, the island and the castle. It is especially festive during the Christmas season when it is richly decorated. In the summer you may experience a queue of people waiting for their perfect shot.

The heart symbolises love and relationship and is therefore especially popular among copules and newly weds. Recently even some love-locks have began to appear on the small pier.

There are lots of other great photo spots, we @Apartmaji Koman would be happy to advise them!